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The disease can develop hidden within 5 years. All these years, people became infected, although no symptoms does not have. Such people are called HIV.
AIDS is transmitted in several ways: in intimate contact, through blood and semen (in coitus may be small, inconspicuous mucosal lesions, which allows the virus introduced into the body of a healthy partner). When using medical instruments contaminated with patient’s blood (syringes, needles, catheters). A mother can pass HIV to her fetus. Through utensils, towels, a handshake AIDS is transmitted.
AIDS plague called XX century. The disease spreads very quickly. All countries have antispidovye committees that spend most prevention among the population and especially in high-risk groups: adolescents, drug addicts, among gay men. The latter are the most vulnerable to the disease, since the male sperm, once in the male body, lowers immunity even in the absence of HIV, and only if you have one even more so.
One of the simplest and most effective ways to prevent all sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS is the cleanliness in intimate relationships, edinopartnerstvo, no casual intimate contact. With the increase in STDs and AIDS, condom use is basic hygiene.
In this chapter, we’ll analyze and one very intimate question – prevention of rape. Young women and girls need to know where they could face a situation of threat to their sexual integrity and how to act in this case. Better than a lawyer, advice on this subject can not give one, and so here is an excerpt from the book by the master of laws G. Plesovskikh “Sexual Violence.”
What is the “sexual abuse”, now everyone knows. Some, unfortunately, from my own experience, some – of TV movies, newspapers, magazines, stories of friends and acquaintances. As a result of raising one considers sexual violence fiction scriptwriters or element of “not our” life, well, someone every hour, at every turn in fear waiting for a meeting with a sex maniac.
Who is right? What is the actual situation? Whether it is worth to think about it?
Unfortunately, it is. Worth at least, because every year in our country (according to the Research Institute of the Ministry of Interior of Russia) takes about 20 thousand crimes of a sexual nature. In the vast majority – of rape. Although the number of such crimes is growing slower than many others, there is no reason to believe that in the foreseeable future they will become a rarity. The more that the actual number of sexual offenses recorded several times in the police reports. After all, the police became aware of the incident most of the statements of the victims, and not all of them seek help. Criminologists believe that makes it only every 3-4 victim.