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Art is worldwide phenomenon

Reason: trauma, congenital fragility of blood vessels of the nose. First aid. Place the child. Slightly tilt his head forward. In no case do not throw back his head back, while heavy bleeding child can drown – in this position the blood will flow into the throat, and not outside. Do not try to immediately stop the bleeding, if it follows a drop. Small blood loss will not hurt, and bleeding may stop by itself. Nostril, from which the bleeding, plug with a cotton swab. Pinch the nostrils and keep the child at least 10 minutes. Free hand hold the head. If the bleeding does not stop, show the child’s doctor.

Ingress of foreign bodies in the airways

Reason: accidental aspiration (inhaling) of food, games with small parts that children take by mouth (buttons, small toys), sometimes small things can get into your nose.
First aid. Ask your child slowly and breathe deeply, and then struggled to clear his throat. Sometimes you can learn a foreign body stuck his finger gently spending on back of the throat. If breathing is difficult, you should immediately bring the patient to the doctor. If the child is not breathing, his face turns blue – hence, the foreign body is completely blocked the respiratory tract – the embrace of the child with both hands to the chest and squeeze her sharply, the remnants of the air can push a foreign body from the airways. If the child is tucked small object in the nose or in the nose hit the insect, you tickle a piece of cotton wool in the other nostril, the child sneezes and nose free. If that does not work, you need to see a doctor.

Foreign body in the ear

The reason: the insects, a childish prank. First aid. Foreign matter can be removed with tweezers, it is usually seen. If you got an insect in the ear, the child is placed on the side, and the ear dripping warmed, but not hot sunflower oil. Insect swim out. In case of difficulty, seek medical attention.

Foreign body in eye

The reason: the insects, dust and other small items.
First aid. Rinse with clean water, pulling the eyelid. Bring to sulfacetamide eye drop or two, if it is in the medicine cabinet. You can do it with cotton wool soaked in water, but very cautiously. If you did not work the first time – and stop trying to appeal to the eye doctor. Do not leave a foreign body in the eye permanently. Incorrect removal of the foreign body can bring great harm to the eyes.
If the inspection found damage to the eye – just attach it to a clean, dry bandage or gauze and immediately send the patient to an eye hospital.