2011 Aston Martin V12 Zagato Racecar <

2011 Aston Martin V12 Zagato Racecar

By innate homosexuality include scientists and those cases in which the phenomena are neuroendocrine abnormalities prenatally. For example, it is known that if a male fetus is experiencing the fourth – sixth month of gestation lack of androgens, which are always present in the blood of pregnant women (they distinguish it from the adrenal glands), the fetus is disturbed sexual differentiation and the boy subsequently have effeminate traits and can detect homosexual tendencies.
As for female homosexuality, and it serves as a landmark of the period between the fourth and sixth months of pregnancy. Lesbian tendencies (lesbian – female homosexuality species) is shown at the girls who were in utero at the specified time to excessive concentrations of both female and male sex hormones.
Given the above, let us ask ourselves the question: innate tendency to homosexuality can be entered in the section of criminal offenses? No! Therefore, abolished the corresponding article of the Criminal Code.
There are other causes of symptoms homosexual passion. Neurogenic theory of the origin of homosexuality lists a number of diseases that result from inversion (so-called change of sexual orientation). Among them bleeding in certain parts of the brain, brain tumors, encephalitis, cranial trauma. Highlighted the addiction, some kinds of poisoning.
Conditioned reflex theory of homosexuality, considering its origin to the violation of a favorable social environment for the baby of the family. The girl, who grew up in the evil and the good father, but battered mother feels fear and distrust of all men who want to protect women and assumes that it is not uncommon for the male lead in a sexual couple.
Boy growing up with a brutal, authoritarian mother and a kind, gentle father, begins to women and looking for warmth and sexual affection in the arms of another man. True, as a variant of a protective response in this case may develop a set of Casanova – rigid consumer attitude to all women, a kind of desire to avenge the humiliation which had to be moved from the mother.

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