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Physical factors can play a crucial role in maintaining or disintegration of marriage. For example, in cases where some external value of the item becomes a fetish, becomes an object of worship: I need to hear that voice, he says to himself one of the partners, and turns a blind eye on the lack of other factors. As for the negative effect, the classic example comes from the Russian literature: Anna Karenina has always known that her husband ugly shape of the ears, but they are particularly annoying it began only after meeting with Vronsky.
In young people, the physical factor is largely determined by the stereotype of beauty in this ethnic group at the time. In the days of the Marquise de Pompadour, the men with the appearance of today’s idols like Stallone were grooms, and society ladies fall in love with men, resembling enlarged porcelain figurines. People are more mature in their allegiances based on their own ideas of beauty, often their standards, do not coincide with modern, appropriate reference to youth. That’s why the girl with the “outdated appearance” has a chance to marry a man, “the older and the situation.” She – his youth.
Sexual factor depends on matching real program intimacy of each partner’s expectations of another, he is subject to many influences, including age and health. It should be remembered that the models of male and female sexuality are not the same as in the quality and in terms of age.
Great significance in the coincidence of claims partner has sexual motivation. If one of them comes into intimate contact only to relieve physical stress, and the other looking for fun, you can predict with sufficient hardness sexual disharmony.
Material factor is determined by the contribution to the overall physical status of the family and its compliance with the expectations and requirements of the other partner. Compliance can be high, as in a lot of demand and satisfaction, and in small and insignificant contribution requirements. Thus, the material factor is highly dependent on its place in a series of values ​​of personality. His practical assessment is carried out taking into account the correlation of income and mutual claims.
Factor is determined by the correlation of cultural material and cultural needs of the spouses. His practical assessment performed by the relevant educational indexes, profiles work, filling leisure time, as well as the mutual recriminations and complaints in this regard.
All the above factors are interrelated with each other. This is illustrated, for example, indicators such as the use of cosmetics. Cosmetics – modifier physical factor, designed to emphasize the dignity, to remove defects or simply create an additional attractive component of personality. However, users of cosmetics, often forget that it is very much correlated with the cultural and sexual factors. Skillful use of cosmetics emphasizes taste and the overall culture of man.