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BMW Z4 GT3 racecar

The word “clearing” is derived from the English word «clear» – clean, clear, free. The name refers to the development of ways of choosing a marriage partner that meets the needs of two participants search. The basis of selection is the nature of the information. Modern sexology defines the process: “Love at first sight – it is the correlation of the two images, and the expected cash, with a predominance of ignorance. Getting on the job – to relate two objects with incomplete information. Courtship – the correlation of objects defined by the interests of real estate broker (matchmaker) misinformation. ”
Research prenuptial clearing relies on achieving information theory, social psychology and sexology its concept is based on the original position of the multi-functionality of marriage, designed to combine the material and economic, cultural, sexual needs of partners and in close and prolonged contact.
There are five factors of marital clearing: physical, material, cultural, sexual and psychological. They can be either positive or negative.
Physiological factor is purely intuitive. This is a deeply personal and individual response of one man to another. One partner may draw another face or figure, plastic, smell, voice, behavior, facial expressions, manner of dress. This factor is most of the primary and has a relatively high resistance, may be subject to minor modifications in long-term fellowship (development of tolerance to the shortcomings, gain sympathy, based on the merits).
All people, regardless of age, physical factors are very closely linked to sexual, but for young people it is expressed brighter, while in middle-aged physical factor can be very much in the cultural obey.