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But something can be recommended to all.
Hardening. It starts with water treatment at a temperature of 34 ° C. Every day during the week, children and adults can pour out of the pelvis or the soul. A week later, the temperature was lowered to 33 ° C, in a week to 32 ° C, and so on up to 26 ° C. The 260 C – that the optimal level for daily temperature tempering procedures. In parallel with morning showers to make the evening foot baths. Methods to reduce the same.
Herbal medicine. Herbal medicine – a treatment and rehabilitation with medicinal plants. Number of herbalists and herbal medicine handbooks now exceeds demand. Buying a book of medical manual, pay attention to quality issues. Do not skimp, buy well-published books – they edited competent experts and do not contain false or even harmful information. Do not try to apply to you and your family all the tips. Cure-all – there is no panacea. Overdose “medicine for healthy” can cause disease.
Remember, treatment and medical healing practices in child care may engage medical worker. Do not attempt to restore the health of children through medicines. Remember that herbs – are drugs and give them to a graduated, especially children. Indeed, many children are sensitive, and they sometimes are allergic to the most innocent home remedies. For example, almost all can recommend the onion and garlic for colds, but there are people for whom these plants – severe allergies.
Developing physical and health-restoring exercise. Among the world, time-tested healing systems through physical improvements are best known Hatha yoga and Tao. And both systems have deep philosophical foundations, but the Tao more democratic, not so tightly linked to the system of special food, and to review, I suggest you learn some not very complex exercise. Your job elementary school teacher requires a lot of muscle tension. Complex helps you less tired. Try two practice sessions to master the basic elements and turn them into their complex exercise. Some parts of exercises you can offer and children. Do not try to learn a complex with the children completely. For them, it is too complicated.
Recreational exercise system Huashanskoy Tao School
Two thousand years of Chinese medicine has gained practical experience, which suggests that the disease is on the circumstances of an external nature – adverse climatic conditions (wet, cold, heat), factors internal nature – emotional disturbances, shocks (grief, anger, sadness, joy, etc.) eating disorders, life rhythm, sleep. This leads to chaos in the circulation of blood and energy, a healthy mind is a struggle with the disease. The strength of a healthy mind in this fight is very important: “If the body, healthy mind, the disease can not penetrate into the body.” Strengthening of good health through nutrition and medicine – the passive method. The main and active measure is movement and exercise. “The human body craves work, but this work should not harass him. Enhance energy movement in the body. In this case, the blood will circulate better, and then the person will not get sick. ”