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The first signs of injury: the integrity of integument (skin or mucosa), bleeding of varying strength, and pain.
First aid: clean the wound and stop the internal tissues of contact with the outside world.
First aid: in the case of pollution clean the wound by rinsing it with hydrogen peroxide or clean water, brush the edge of antiseptic as possible to bring together the edges and close the wound surface with a cloth or tape. Tie.
VERY IMPORTANT: Do not anoint iodine soft tissue inside the wound, you can burn them.
NOTE: If the field conditions you need clean the wound, and cold boiled water there, throw in a bowl of water every handful of charcoal, or dip into it a burning firebrand. The water will be cloudy, but safe and will get weak antiseptic. If you do not have an antiseptic for treatment of a wound, apply to the affected area with clean sheet or plantain paste of nettles. These plants reduce bleeding and has antimicrobial properties.
Bite wounds are treated the same as everyone else. We must remember that always bite wounds infected saliva, with such injuries required hospitalization and examination for the presence of rabies.
Attention! If the wound is very big, do not spend preprocessing, just put a bandage as soon as possible consult a doctor.
Bleeding – a loss of blood due to the integrity of blood vessels.
Arterial bleeding occurs when damaged arteries. The most dangerous! Bright red blood pulsating jet flows. Arterial bleeding can quickly lead to loss of blood and death.
First aid. Keep at rest and stop the blood loss.
First aid: compress the artery through maximum bending of limbs or a tourniquet. You can try to press the artery to the bone (see Fig. 3).

Tourniquet is applied above the wound. Under tow enclose a thin cloth and a note indicating the time applying tourniquet. If transportation of the patient to the hospital longer than 2 hours, then remove the harness for a few seconds to restore blood flow to the tissues and prevent them from necrosis. Then place the transparent burn! again.
Venous bleeding is the result of damage to the veins. The wound follows a continuous stream of blood dark cherry.
First aid: calm the victim (bleeding in some people cause a violent emotional reaction of fear, sometimes surpassing the severity of injury) and to stop the outflow of blood.
First aid: to put a pressure bandage on the wound of several layers of gauze, cotton wool and bandages. The bleeding will decrease if the damaged part of the body to hold in high relative to the whole body position. Harnesses venous bleeding is not imposed. . новости актау . brainplus iq