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Experience shows that a child 8-10 years old can and should work to the initial sex education. At this age, he or she will have a lot to understand and easy to perceive, because hormones are the guys in the prepubertal period of relatively low concentrations of sex hormones is low. They worried less than those who 11-13 years, and who to top hormonal storms should already be aware of the features of the human body. Not bad to start the conversation by talking about the birth of a child some nice animals. It is better not to take for example the well-known representatives. Child should inspire, interest, distract from the feeling of disgust that he may have made of the meetings with pornographic materials.


1. How are children’s masturbation and teenage suicide attempt?
2. What do you know about the Oedipus and Electra complexes?
3. How will you spend with a child six years of talking about his birth?
4. What are the characteristics feature of sexual awareness of children seven to ten years?

Chapter 18. Bad habits, prevention and correction

Most habits are in our understanding of the epithet “bad.” The very concept of “addiction” in psychology explains how negative training, the effect of which is the lack of response to a stimulus.
Try to understand these concepts in more detail. Take the first adult habits.
Smoking. This habit developed as a dependency of the respiratory center of the substances causing him additional stimulation. In most cases, start smoking in their teens or mimicking mates or trying to remove the discomfort that occur under the influence of sex hormones. Their concentration in the body during puberty increases. At first, smoking causes a negative reaction – nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. It is the struggle of the body, the first and second stages of stress. Addictive – a sign of distress: a reaction to the negative stimulus is over, the changes started at the cellular and functional levels – suffer liver, kidneys, lungs, reproductive sphere. Teen, boy, girl from time to time do not feel the adverse effects of toxic substances. Habit, and without a cigarette smoker feels uncomfortable, develops in 5-6 months. Hard to get rid of it, it is better not to get involved, especially the girls – smoking women born children with chronic diseases. Sometimes incompatible with life.
Drunkenness. Binge drinking – a habit that develops as a reduction reaction to the accumulation of acetaldehyde in the blood – a breakdown product of ethanol. Acetaldehyde in large quantities for human substance is poisonous. At first, the use of alcohol the body produces a very stormy reactions – vomiting, the eclipse of consciousness. But the young man “manly” learn to drink – overcomes barrier.

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