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Chevrolet Camaro SS

Gradually developing not just resistance to oxidation products of alcohol, and the dependence on the energy decay of alcohol. People like to toss into the body “fuel”, speeds up the processes of assimilation and dissimilation. The habit, which is called alcoholism. Tragic consequences for both the alcoholic, so for posterity and the public. Among the consequences: liver cirrhosis, heart disease, stomach ulcers, alcoholic dementia, chronic diseases of children of alcoholics – from deformities to mental disorders, antisocial behavior. It is very dangerous, “hungover conception” and “drunken conception.” Acetaldehyde is negative, mutagenic effects on fresh sperm. Among genetic freaks a lot of children conceived when he was drunk. Alcohol abuse for girls unreflective fraught with intimate contact and, as a result, unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. Most of the rapes committed by men in a drunken state. That is the tragic consequences is a bad habit – drinking.
Addiction. This term comprises a group of serious conditions that were the result of drug use. The word consists of two words – “Narco” – numbness and “mania” – passion. Morphine, heroin, cannabis and synthetic drugs – all substances that in small doses, cause euphoria, happy state, mental and bodily ease, and in big dip in the deep human unfeeling comfortable sleep. And the first and the second state to the body are comfortable and negative learning, loss of response to internal signals, warning of the danger, is very fast. Develops withdrawal symptoms – in the absence of the drug a person is experiencing severe physical and mental torment. Drug addiction leads to the destruction of the individual, and all the components are crumbling. First, social networks are broken, then there is an individual degradation, decreased intelligence, and, finally, a complete physical destruction. Thin, poor, unwanted or society, or themselves, broke the heart of the parents, the fate of children maimed addicts die from malnutrition or AIDS. AIDS – a satellite of addicts. They usually infect each other by using the same syringe. Addiction can not, strictly speaking, apply to bad habits, since almost immediately turns into a serious illness. But the mechanism of entering the same disease that smoking and drinking – a negative learning.