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Chevy Camaro ZL1

Parallel artificial respiration performed CPR.
The second rescuer kneeling beside the patient, his hands placed on the lower third of the sternum victim of one another (see Fig. 2).
Should account for 5.7 massage movements on one breath. At the moment of inspiration massage movements are not held. Pressing need to be of medium strength, with a very intense massage possible broken ribs. If resuscitation holds one person, the ratio of breaths and massage movements can be 1:10.
If the victim was conscious and appeared spontaneous breathing and pulse, – stop resuscitation. If no signs of life, then continue resuscitation before the arrival of “first aid”. Typically, resuscitation conducted more than 40 minutes without improvement, ineffective and can be stopped. Man, been resuscitated, do not eat or drink before the examination the doctor.
My dear young friend!
Of course, you have noticed that the material on first aid, are bit drier and more compact than many other topics textbook. Is reasonable, does not it? Extreme situations – from a mere splinter, glaring of a finger to stop the heart – are not uncommon. They require the person who has no special medical education, particularly discipline and a solid understanding of what it does not have its actions aggravate the severity of the victim. Your objective in all cases as soon as possible to arrange a meeting with the child’s doctor. However, for some, the most dangerous situation you have to be able to respond actively. Some questions first aid you disassemble during practical training, will work out of the manual techniques. Some you have to just be aware.

Questions and tasks:

1. What do you know about the thermal burns?
2. How to provide first aid for burns acid?
3. Under any burns, a solution of potassium permanganate? How?
4. What kind of assistance can be rendered when fainting?
5. Child bitten by a wasp. Your actions?
6. Child complains of abdominal pain, how do you do?
7. During the walk the children ate berries from an unknown bush. Them feel good, but the berries cause you anxiety. What to do?
8. During the lesson, the girl went into convulsions. What do you do?
9. While walking away from homes and schools have one of your students started nosebleeds. What to do?
10. Seven year old boy choked on a cherry stone. How to help?
11. Outing on the child’s ear got shot. Your actions?
12. How to help your child get rid of the speck in the eye?
13. On a hot sunny day, the child began vomiting and fever, he complains of dizziness. Should it sunstroke, if so, how you will support?
14. Describe methods resuscitation.