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Fully protect themselves from sexual abuse is almost impossible. But reduce the risk of becoming a victim to a minimum is real and not very difficult. In many ways, this will help knowing how it happened.
Reason to assume that sexual violence occurs at night, in a back alley, a maniac with sinister facial features, etc. But it is not so. According to statistics, the majority of these crimes (70%) occurs in the evening, from 18 to 23 hours, and only 7 to 14% – at night. Scene of a crime most often (about half the time) is the place of residence (apartment, villa). On the streets, yards and parks committed 18% of sex crimes. Almost the same number in basements, attics and porches.
If we talk about the criminals, the vast majority of them are mentally healthy! Even among the perpetrators of the so-called serial murders of a sexual nature (and there are very few) and subjected to forensic examination, only 17.7% were considered insane! Moreover, most often it is the most “normal” in the everyday sense people! 85% of offenders – people under 30, and one in three of them – the student or the student vocational school.
Interestingly, the two thirds of the victims were familiar with criminals to commit sexual abuse. While 22% of singles were held on the day of the crime.
Oddly enough, but sometimes the victims are to blame for what happened to them. Of course, none of them wanted to become a victim of violence, but their behavior, manner of dress and wear makeup, they provoke a potential criminal to commit a crime. To avoid this, it is enough to follow the advice: keep a low profile, with a sense of dignity. But one modesty, unfortunately, does not always protect from the abuser. Therefore, several recommendations can follow to significantly reduce the risk of attack:
- Always shows confidence: look, walk, look, the answers to the questions;
- Scroll to the new place, look around, try to locate the phone, people who could help you in case of emergency;
- If you had a late night out of the house, think for a route in advance so as to avoid poorly lit streets, places of male company charges, etc.;
- Dress in such a way that the clothing does not restrict movement, but that it was hard to break;
- Do not go to the building or the elevator with a strange man;
- Be careful with casual acquaintances, avoid calling your address, and if possible, the phone and makes a date on “neutral” territory;
- Do not stop the trucks;
- Get permitted by law to protect themselves and carry them with you;
- If this is not possible, buy a whistle and safely use it in an emergency, carry with them as a means of self-defense any aerosol containers – hair spray, deodorant, etc.;
- You thought, then you are being followed, – go to the other side of the street, stop (tie his shoe, look in the mirror), and finally, turn back and go boldly towards pursuer. If fears were confirmed, do not despair. You are not powerless, no matter who was the culprit. But in order to successfully confront the tyrant, we must know how to behave.

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