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Dodge Challenger Concept.

Speaking of the psychosexual characteristics of young children should also mention the Oedipus complex and the Electra complex.
Oedipus complex in boys. This increased sexual attraction to his mother, and sometimes concomitant feelings of jealousy for his father. In families where the parents difficult relationship, a woman trying to close the gap in the psychological wounded, bruised soul, switches all his emotions on his son. Mother often prohibitive fondles boy takes his person 4 – 5, and even more years in his bed, lets him play with her breasts, etc. In these cases, the boy begins to consider himself as the only candidate for the mother’s heart, nervous and offended if the father takes with him to the attention of his wife. Later, especially if the woman has a son alone, the boy starts torn between his girlfriend and his mother. And sometimes it happens that allowed the gap in favor of the latter: a bachelor life, the easy connection on the side and to the gray hair – a warm maternal wing. Of these effects should think very loving mothers.
As for the Electra complex, it is expressed in the increased need to communicate with her father’s daughter. The mother becomes the object of jealousy, and this may give rise to conflicts.
Here’s what little I feel it necessary to report on children aged 3-6 years, reaching psychosexual thread from childhood to adolescence and early adulthood.
Now the Children 7 – 10 years. They are, as a rule, are well feathered and four kids. And it can be used in work on sexual education. It will be a bad thing, if parents and teachers refresh with some interesting books, or simply biology textbook knowledge about the theory of evolution. And then the child in case of questions or on their own can make him talk about the greatness of nature, the fact that the basis of the diversity of species is the greatest mysteries of the world – a living cell from its encoded information. You can tell the child that the sex cells have half the code, and to a new life, the two halves must meet, connect, how would dissolve into each other at a common envelope.
It would be good to learn, without blushing, to say the words “egg” and “sperm.” Children are often mistakenly assume that the last word belongs to the category of abuse. In general, it is very often a child 8-10 years of appeals to parents for an explanation on intimate matters precisely because the surrounding world of information has often dirty, lustful carnal love model by removing from such natural human desire for one sex to another humane moment, spirituality . I have deliberately not used the phrase “leaving only the animal.” The trouble is that the best people in the animal early in the evolution of rejected: species instinct. Animals in their intimate manifestations sometimes nobler some people who have not filled out an instinctive intelligence void.

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