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A few words on the supercooling. Girls are sometimes in winter and fall too light clothing. This is particularly true of enough warm trousers and shoes. Inflammation of the appendages, a consequence of the lower trunk of supercooling may be asymptomatic, may be lubricated with a pain in the gut, cough, runny nose. As a result mikrosklerozirovannye sites in the ovaries, fallopian tubes blockage and subsequently the inability to pass a mature egg in the uterus. Supercooled and girls sitting on the sea sand beach on a windy day, do not change wet swimsuit to dry. The consequences are the same.
Poor diet during adolescence also sometimes becomes a cause of infertility. Girl have to eat food rich in protein. But here’s the teenager decides to lose weight and trying to “sit” on a variety of diets. This is dangerous. Let the girl in your diet will limit the amount of sugar, candy, give up plump buns – not hurt. However, if it is removed from the menu of meat, fish, milk, eggs, eat only apples and sauerkraut, reaction manifested as terrible symptoms: cessation of menses. Teens, not realizing what had happened to them trouble, rejoice – life easier, less fuss. In fact, they are sick and need to be treated.
Mother, after learning that her daughter was disturbed menstrual cycle, should immediately take her to a pediatric gynecologist. In general, it is desirable that all teenage girls got acquainted with this specialist, aged 11 – 12 years. So accepted in all civilized countries. There is nothing wrong in consulting the pediatric gynecologist. There are some women’s diseases, which give a very early symptoms, and at an early stage can be cured. At later – no. In particular this applies to the secondary infertility. Well, in fact, as an optometrist, podiatrist, we are not shy to show the children a preventive measure. Why not visit a gynecologist and, at least in order to get the answer: “All right.” Girls examined not as women, there is a special, completely safe for virginity techniques. Visiting the doctor will establish a more intimate close contact between mother and daughter. This is very important in the case of an unplanned pregnancy.