Dodge looking glorious in the rain <

Dodge looking glorious in the rain

As a teenager in the body, whether it’s a boy or a girl, increases the concentration of sex hormones. Under the influence of these biologically active substances have barely emerging in the 10 – 11 years of secondary sexual characteristics. The boy is: the growth of the Adam’s apple, breaking voice, changing the shape of male type, change the size and configuration of the genital (sex) organs, male pattern hair growth, including the growth of a mustache and beard. Appear ejaculation. Ejaculation in adolescence is as nocturnal emissions, preceded by erotic dreams. Ejaculation also ends the process of masturbation, attained in the act, which is also within the physiological range. Through masturbation in adolescence are almost all boys. Parents must be fully aware that this phenomenon is characteristic of age and is not unhealthy, that is, at all times, at all latitudes, regardless of the social and religious taboos in the boys 12 – 15 years were engaged in masturbation. Do and will do. Among the reasons behind this lesson, we explain only one which, as experience shows, most convincingly explains the reason for the act. It is a full, seminal vesicles small amount of sperm suspended in a solution of fructose, a carbohydrate formed during metabolism. When the boy was young, seminal vesicles, located in the back of his body, were in a state who was sleeping. Beginning in adolescence, these bags are filled periodically contents swell, and nerve impulses to the surface comes in ascending nerves in the spinal cord. Then he goes into the subcortical region of the brain, and finally, in the cerebral cortex, which is interpreted. But understanding it happens later, together with the social maturation. And at the age of 12-14 years have one yet, but has panic question: “What is happening to me?” – And a great desire to get rid of painful physiological stress. Masturbation causes ejaculation, ejaculation, seminal vesicles are emptied, there comes a blissful relaxation. A significant role in shaping patterns of behavior belongs to dreams age teenager.
Retell the dreams of others unfairly. Let’s try to do hints. The consciousness of the day collecting a lot of impressions: here and the school with its anxieties, joys, knowledge, and, alas, lack of understanding. Company of significant others – peer-boys, the boys carefully shows samples of their sex-role behavior, also left a trail of sealed the day’s events.
By the way, I wish that for all was clearly discernible difference between sex-role and sexual behavior. More precisely, let us define: sexual behavior – part of sex-role. In the all-male company of men 13-14 years of sexual component devoted little space. We will consider mainly the age limit, although it is worth mentioning that we are often faced with cases of homosexual abuse of adolescent development over the weak or younger age boys. Parents need to know about it and, given that fact, look closely to the elders of his son. Of course, this should be done discreetly, without insulting suspicion boyish friendship.
Not least among the impressions of the day belongs to the young female that has attracted the attention of the boy in their appearance, behavior, intelligence, ability to communicate, fragility and insecurity or confidence and strength of character, but who knows what else! What do we care? The main thing is that he is in love. And that’s fine. During the first experiences of teenage love, which is called in the language of psychologists agape, maturing representative of a strong half of mankind.

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