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Ford Mustang – American Muscle

Try to remember the appearance of the offender, his height, build, eye and hair color, distinguishing marks (scars, moles, tattoos), clothing, characteristic gestures, manner of speech, habits (such as smoking-related), etc. Note where the offender has left the scene their tracks (track shoes in soft ground, traces of hands and lips on the bottles and glasses thrown cigarette butt, and so on).
But here’s the worst is over, the offender is gone, and the sacrifice of the question is: What do you do AFTER WHAT HAPPENED? Go to the police? Be alone with my problem, believing that life is over, and good in it nothing else will? Cry and forget.
First of all, to withdraw immediately from the scene. The offender may return to repeat their actions or kill dangerous witness.
A final recommendation. Do not try to overcome his misfortune alone. It is much more difficult. Tell somebody about what happened, ask for advice.

Questions and tasks:

1. What diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, you know?
2. Name the methods of transmission:
a) gonorrhea;
b) syphilis;
c) trichomoniasis;
d) chlamydia;
3. What is HIV infection?
4. What ways of AIDS transmission are known to you? Methods of prevention and protection.
5. What are you aware of the consequences of sexually transmitted infections, including AIDS, and diseases.
6. What do you know about how to protect individuals from sexual abuse?
7. Spend a group role-playing game on the topic: “Prevention of violence.”

The conclusion to “Sexual Culture and Health”

Of course, you have noticed that in the second section, in contrast to the first, after the heads were very few questions. Why? Because the problem of intimate life to discuss aloud is not easy. Edge, passing between the sexual concepts and household conversations on sexual theme, very thin and easy to navigate. But such a transition can be offensive to some individuals. But hush up such an important topic, which is the problem of the relationship of man with sexual status of his social status, we, the teachers can not. Must learn to promote discussion of intimate matters, then you will be easier to communicate with your vospitanikami.
After the end of the second section of the study materials your teacher will help you conduct activity-goal in the form of debate. Each student will prepare a short message on one of the suggested topics below or propose your topic that will be very good. Subject, of course, must touch intimate questions. For example, it would be very useful to get to know yourself and to share with associates in the group information on modern contraceptives, which are in a pharmacy in your city. Each pack is applied brief abstract. Pharmacy staff or gynecologist will always help you in preparing the report on such a serious issue, which for young women is to prevent unplanned pregnancy.

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