Ford Mustang Boss 302 <

Ford Mustang Boss 302

Speak with a potential rapist. The longer he will speak to you, the harder it will be psychologically hurt you. In addition, you gain time. Try to stun the criminal. He expects you to cry for help, the resistance, but not compassion, kindness, light, without the consent of violence to engage him in sexual intercourse, condom supply. Calmly tell the offender about his imaginary illness. But do not say that you have AIDS or syphilis – do not believe it. What is unusual and incomprehensible is that you tell, the more valid your words will sound for the rapist. If you can, show him the signs of the disease (rehearse at home in front of a mirror). If all else fails, and the perpetrator of his intentions not refuse – resist. But the resistance has to be determined, or it will only push the offender to do more. Use all the tools at hand: umbrella, keys to the apartment, a nail file, etc. Remember the horrific scenes from American movies about sexual abuse, where the victim resisted and sticks a pencil in the eye of the criminal, beats his stiletto heels in the groin and so terrible? Can not? But in the same movie shows that a rapist can you do if the resistance will not be effective. Think of it!
Buy yourself an aerosol container with a substance tear and irritant – “gas canister.” Permission to purchase is not required, and the cost will be compensated if it is possible with this material to avoid violence. But do not use them without examining the relevant rules, otherwise the effect will be counter-productive.
Do not be afraid to cause criminal damage. The law gives the right of every citizen of Russia to self-defense, that is, if you protect yourself, your rights and the rights of others, the interests of the state, will not be held liable even if the criminal’s death a result of your actions. The only important thing is not to exceed the limits of self-defense. Is to be made clear mismatch protection and hazardous attacks.
It may be that your resistance is below target and the perpetrator gets its way. This does not mean that nothing more needs to be done. Unfortunately, this disaster may not be over. Committing a crime, the rapist may recall about criminal responsibility for his actions and wants to get rid of the victim. And here it is necessary to convince him that the publicity surrounding the incident are not in your interest. Without waiting for the offender, first ask him to keep the incident a secret, citing the strict parents, a jealous husband or fiance, and so agree on everything, he would say, give no resistance whatever he likes from your things. Do not threaten retaliation after the criminal act of sexual violence. Especially dangerous is the mention of “the boxer’s brother,” “uncle – riot police officer,” familiar “crime boss”, etc. Think of threats are meaningless – the worst has already happened, and the perpetrator can really scared and just kill you.