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The most common cause – a collapse, fainting – a rapid decline in blood pressure and reduced blood flow to the brain.
At the heart of the collapse: fear, fatigue, asfektichesky heat stroke, sudden changes in body position (orthostatic collapse).
First aid. Create a body affected the safety position: put your feet over your head, if the victim is unconscious, or plant. Give irritant smell – ammonia, cologne with a pungent odor, and onion. Give a cold drink. If asfeticheskogo heat stroke, which occurs in hot humid air and is accompanied by a sharp fall in addition to faint temperature, cover the affected light fabric and give a warm drink.

Insect Bites

The reason: the contact with the insects.
First aid. In a glass of water to dissolve a tablespoon of salt, a solution of several layers of wet soft cloth and apply to the sting. Some insects do not bite left not only the wound. There may be a bug itself, and its sting. Do not try to remove it yourself, leave it to the nurse.

Abdominal pain

Reason: bruises, accompanied by hidden damage to the internal organs, the effects on the digestive system, genital organs, kidneys, and urinary tract.
First aid. Call a physician or evacuating the child to the hospital. Before meeting with your doctor to create peace, not to feed and water the child. Before diagnosis did not apply nor cold nor warm. Exception: if you know that the cause of pain injuries – cold.


The reason: the eating of poisonous products. First aid. In all, except poisoning acids and alkalis, give to drink large amounts of warm water and try to induce vomiting. In case of poisoning with acids and alkalis can not drink the water! Call a physician or to evacuate children. If you have leftover products that are expected to cause injury, they should be collected in a clean glass container and produce doctors. If the poisoning with drugs and have the opportunity to determine what is, or the remnants of packaging drugs (tablets, powders, medicine, candles) to show the doctor.


The reason: a variety of diseases, loss of fluids and salts in hot dry air.
First aid. If convulsions, involuntary muscle twitching, developed as a result of overheating in the hot dry air, the patient is transferred to a cool room or in the shade, give cool salted drink. Give drink to the metal bowl, as the victim may bite off the edge of a porcelain or glass dishes.
In all other cases, patients just need to create a calm before contact with the doctor.
In convulsions of the facial muscles is threatened damage language. The patient can eat it. In this case, if you can stick between the teeth of some wooden object. Do not try to force it – you can break your teeth! And be careful with cramps – one can bite your finger.