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In the practical training you will learn some of the techniques of first aid in case of emergency. Emergencies require immediate attention because the person threatened or loss of life or disability. There are also such a condition in which the first aid can be the sole and final, ie fully relieve the victim of the cause of misery and open the way to recovery. However, in some cases, the most important first aid – as soon as possible to arrange a meeting with the doctor to the patient.
Analyze the situations faced by the teacher of preschool and primary school age.
The main requirements to the behavior of the teacher in any of the situations in which the child suffered physical damage:
1. Do not show your own fear and anxiety.
2. Do not make the fidgets.
3. Not to speak louder and quieter than usual.
4. Do not be silent.
5. Establish tactile contact with the child – stroke, take the hand.
6. Calm the children who witnessed the accident.
7. If possible, call for help from other adults.
8. Do not attempt to provide medical assistance.
9. Provide first aid.
Remember that at the time of set-off on the subject you have no room for error, because of your ignorance of the child may suffer.


Reason: contact with open flame, hot air, hot liquids, hot objects.
First aid: the case of small lesions – to attach to the burned area, or ice cold salted water when the surface of the burn more than half of the palm, or a deep skin lesions, bleeding, – First Aid is the immediate hospitalization.
Reason: contact with toxic acids or bases.
First aid. Wash away the poisonous liquid cold water. If you know that the reason for the burn – lye, you can rinse the affected area with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Color of the solution slaborozovy. If you have acid burn can be rinsed with an aqueous solution of baking soda, one teaspoon dissolved in a glass of water.
The reason: the impact of direct sunlight on the exposed skin.
First aid. Stop contact with direct sunlight, turning the person into the shade applied to the burned area cold damp cloth.

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