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The second sexual motivation – getting rid of stress. It is typical for both women and men. But more important for men. This is related to the basics of sex: men are physiological, women – psychological. However, in a normal, mentally healthy person who is of sound mind, reflective his behavior, sexuality is controlled by the cerebral cortex. It is this control and keeps the men from the sexual aggression.
According to statistics, the majority of sex crimes are committed by people aged 14 to 18 years. This is typical for the developed countries, where the well-delivered sex education, and for countries whose people live on the traditions of their ancestors, subordinating their sexual behavior ethno-cultural taboos and the country, the economy and politics, and thus the general culture of which are currently “hawking” are not subject to any laws or commandments. Teenager due to the high sexual tension and underdevelopment, weak inhibitory processes has been, is and will be a potential rapist. One of the problems of pedagogy point it at this unfortunate biological fact and adjust their behavior in social and positive direction. When a teenager is aware of prohibitions and laws relating to standards of sexual behavior, the degree of aggression is reduced and fatalities occur less frequently. Although, I repeat, a variant of “know” that it is impossible, but the “I do”, there will be at all times. Physiology overpowering consciousness, in fact, this is the case when the background of hyperthyroidism gonads that produce sex hormones, the most powerful human instinct – the instinct of self-preservation oppressed weaker sexual instinct. By the way, not wanting to offend anyone, but simply stating a scientific fact, I want to note that at the heart of almost any deed committed by life-threatening, it is the sexual instinct, translated into highly spiritual area. The exception is, perhaps, the only cases in which the hero wants to consciously become famous through the ages.
Sexual motivation, called true sexual love, hardly needs any further explanation.
I will only note that the combination of Eros – highly spiritual feelings with sexual orientation of both partners to each other creates a strong, but short-lived relationship, before which recede obedience, wisdom, duty to parents and other valuables teenager 16-18. More youthful this combination, as a rule, simply can not afford psychologically. Although there are exceptions. Romeo and Juliet is an example. It’s simple, though it may be, and sounds a bit cynical, but let adults join this couple, they have not fallen victim to sexual instinct overcame the instinct for survival.

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