New school Chevy Camaro- emerald green looks mysterious <

New school Chevy Camaro – emerald green looks mysterious

So what are the diseases are STDs. There are many. Let us examine some of them.
Gonorrhea. Called gonococcus. Contact-transmitted infections and, in rare cases, using a common bed (for example, the girl spent the night at a girlfriend, gonorrhea, and they slept together) through a common wet towel through others intimate things (panties, swimwear, trousers).
The latent period of the disease up to three days.
Symptoms include pain during urination, genital discharge muco-purulent character, fever.
First Aid: Medical treatment.
Effects: urinary tract diseases, chronic. Infertility. These effects occur only when the patient was treated outside the hospital or not was treated completely. In all other cases, gonorrhea can be cured.
Gonococcus can also affect the mucous membrane of the eye. This leads to blindness. Due to the risk of infection of the child as it passes through the genital tract of the mother during childbirth newborn buried in the eye antimicrobial agents.
Syphilis. Is called Treponema pallidum. Transmitted through sexual contact, and household transmission is very rare, because the spirochete is killed in the open air for 1-2 minutes.
The latent period of the disease three weeks. In the last week a patient already infected.
Symptoms: appearance sores on contact – the genitals, on the lips, in the throat. Rarely in other places. Nearest the chancre of (so-called sore) swollen lymph node. This is called the primary stage of syphilis. During the second stage of a rash, which disappears after a while and goes to tertiary syphilis stage – damage to internal organs. In the fourth stage of the nervous system is affected.
In the first and second stage of syphilis is curable, and leaves no impact. In the tertiary stage is difficult and fraught with complications can be cured in the form of chronic diseases. In the fourth stage of syphilis is incurable, a person becomes disabled, including those with visible deformities, such as the failure of the nasal septum. Syphilis is dangerous for the offspring of parents – the children have specific syphilitic bone disease, deafness, and often born moron.
Trichomoniasis. Caused by a protozoan organism – Trichomonas. Modes of transmission – sexual contact-and home – swimming in dirty water bodies of standing water, including sometimes in private swimming pools.
Symptoms are similar to the symptoms of gonorrhea, and any state of discomfort in the genital tract – itching, discharge, and so requires a laboratory diagnosis to determine the causative agent. The disease is curable.
Chlamydia. A relatively new disease, caused by a microorganism, parasite inside the cell. There is a rather well known by now, five species of Chlamydia. Three species are transmitted only through sexual contact-and the two can be transmitted through everyday.
Variety of symptoms, and the diagnosis of the disease is very difficult to establish. One of the most serious complications is infertility. Treatment of chlamydia longer – up to one year.
AIDS – acquired immune deficiency syndrome. One of the youngest diseases. HIV is caused by human immunodeficiency virus. The virus infects one of the parts of the immune chain – red blood cells, the whole chain falls apart. Body ceases to resist any infectious agents. People with AIDS can die from a variety of ailments ranging from the common cold and ending cancer.

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