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The following types of damage osteoarticular system:
a) sprain;
b) dislocations;
c) closed fractures with displacement of bone fragments and without bias;
d) open fractures of varying severity;
e) skull injury.
Sprain – a violation of elasticity ligaments. Cause of tension – a jump, fall, lifting weights, uncoordinated movement.
The first signs of pain, swelling, difficulty of movement in the affected spot.
First aid. Cooling, fixation, and calm.
First aid: Depending on the site of the defeat imposed tight bandage certain species, the affected area was transferred to the sublime to the body position, apply cold.
Dislocation – the offset of the joint parts of the bones. When dislocation violated the integrity of the joint capsule, sometimes torn ligament. The reasons are the same as that of the stretching.
The first symptoms: pain, impaired movement in the joint, the shape change. When dislocation of intervertebral joints can be compression of the spinal cord and, as a consequence, disruption of the pelvic organs and lower extremities. With temporomandibular joint dislocation broken facial expressions.
First aid. Create a calm, reduce pain, do not try to reduce a dislocation. It is the duty doctor!
First aid: able to deliver the maximum comfort of the patient in hospital.
WARNING: sharp intense pain that accompanies the dislocation, very scared child. Pain and fear can lead to traumatic shock.
Traumatic shock – a life-threatening condition characterized by disorder of the central nervous system, blood circulation and metabolism. First short phase of shock lasts 10-15 minutes and is characterized by increased arousal of the victim, the second is characterized by a sharp inhibition while maintaining consciousness. Weakened pulse, breathing rate slows. The patient must be warm, you can give a warm drink. Contact with the patient must be very careful not to make unnecessary movements, reduce noise.