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Camaro – 100% Pure American Muscle

On the negative learning begins and substance abuse. Inhaling aromatic hydrocarbons, people plunge into the world of dreams. “Toxie” means poison. Substance abuse often the lot of children and adolescents from 8 to 16 years. As addiction to drugs in this case does not arise, but the one-time effect can be quite tragic, or death. If a child or young person to periodically immersed in a world of visions and dreams, it leads to the development of irreversible damage to the liver and kidneys. Nervous system and especially the cerebral cortex are also subject to heavy impact. We addicts deteriorating vision, reduced hearing, intelligence suffers.
What makes young people to resort to dealing with toxic substances to the body – nicotine, alcohol, drugs, poisons? As already pointed out, first of all is the desire to be “like everyone else” – dictates the company. Anxiety generated by hormonal pressing, is also doing his opposition to the health business. Considerable role belongs to the personal and social factors. Self-doubt, the presence of inferiority, the desire to take the lead – that’s personal background first steps into bad habits. The social factors include heavy macro and microsocial climate – economic instability, war, natural disasters, severe family situation. All this could push the immature personality captured bad habits. Bad habits make a person socially sensitive. Constant desire to smoke, drink, stimulates the search for an injection of funds. At the heart of crime – theft, murder, based prostitution is often alcohol or drug abuse.
All of the above is most relevant to you, dear colleague. If you are between 16 and 30 years, these deplorable phenomena you can observe among their peers. Protect yourself, your loved ones and friends of bad habits can and should willed, intelligent and reasonable man.
We now examine the habits of children.
Habit to swallow inedible objects – a sign of nervousness. If a child is experiencing psychological distress or increased responsibility for themselves an intricate work, he takes into his mouth inedible objects: buttons, pencils, toys, etc. The dangers of this habit: of infection, the possibility of getting the subject into the windpipe or throat and, as a consequence , the ability to suppress or, choking, suffocation. If an item has been swallowed, it can injure the esophagus or stomach. Although in most cases, in this case the subject comes later with stool.

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