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Capillary bleeding. There is a superficial wound, the blood flows from the wound dropwise.
First aid. Stop the blood flow.
First aid: after treatment of a wound bandage.

Reflection algorithm classes

1. You make sure that you understand the topic.
2. You know the list of manipulation that you need to master.
3. You understand that the development of skills necessary to use in emergency situations, and that takes a special discipline and concentration will.
4. You realize that the degree of your current training may depend yours or someone else’s life.
5. You remember that if a child was injured, you have no right to an external manifestation of fear.
6. In the case of injuries to the child you used to take off the stress response of the student.
7. You have mastered all of the manual techniques and are ready in case of need to use your knowledge and skills.
8. You understand that this topic is important for you as a professional, as a person.
Under the guidance of the teacher do the manipulation.
Set yourself a grade for the work and compare it with the assessment of the teacher. Judging itself, answer the following questions:
Do I know what is the state of emergency?
If I can reflect on their behavior in case of emergency?
Do I have a notion about different types of injuries?
Do I know, what kind of injuries include bruises, wounds, animal bites, bleeding, what characterizes them?
Do I know how to help with any of those states, and if I can perform the necessary manipulations?
Can I help my child? What features of this help? What is the difference of care for adults?
Can I teach my students that I can own?
You should not be upset if the result of hard work, you still have not achieved is a positive result, not all questions answered “yes.” This is not the inability to work, no self-doubt, this is a critical attitude and care. Both are necessary for everyone, because complacency is dangerous!
This session was the most difficult, because you have been working on a new scheme. In the future it will be easier.
Assignment: Write in your notebook all the known antiseptic agents used for the treatment of wounds (iodine, brilliant green, slaborozovy solution of potassium manganese, hydrogen peroxide ..?)

Session 2 (4 hours)

Subject: Damage osteoarticular apparatus. Skull injury.
Objective: Learn to work with concepts and manual skills in first aid for different types of these states.
Material for self-study for classes.

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