Dennis the menace Dodge Viper! What tricks is he Planning today? <

Dennis the menace Dodge Viper! What tricks is he Planning today?

Sigmund Freud, the founder of the theory of “panseksualizma”, ie, the theory that explains our deeds and actions in terms of sexual orientation, called dreams “the royal gate to the unconscious.”
So, you realize that dreams teen anxious and very informative, they are emotional and show to the body boy very high physiological demands? Fine. Now you clearly that the impetus for wet dreams? Very good. Are you confused and excited? I’ll try to help your condition: teenager in 99% of cases do not remember their dreams. Nature is wise and keeps fledgling consciousness boy from unnecessary disruption. So do not try to be one step lower nature, and do not make a teenager hints as to what some of his feelings for you are not a secret. Be tactful.
And it is right to never return to this question, look at the land of nod teenage girl. And here we appear variegated kaleidoscope of scraps of school life, emotional pieces of a pie girl, frames the popular television movie, family scenes and, of course, will be in one of those dreams with neighboring desks or out of that house, someone from our point of view, you are not worthy of attention but from the point of view of a girl very significant other. And he’s sure to kiss her. That’s it! And do you know anything and do not know, because it’s a secret. Girls, by the way, remember their dreams more often than boys. And sometimes this is the secret memory and causes them to withdraw into silence. Do not disturb the girl, do not bother calling her pootkrovennichat.

Questions and tasks:

1. What caused sexual behavior teenage boy?
2. What do you know about teenage masturbation?
3. Describe the projection of dreams teen on his behavior.

Chapter 16. A teenage girl and the health of future generations

In 13 – 14 years old girl is extremely necessary support and advice of older women. At this time, she, like her male peers, is experiencing a powerful hormones dictate. She manifested secondary sexual characteristics: increased breast changes in women’s figure type, in the armpits and pubic hair appear, by regular menstruation.
Puberty, puberty, the girl begins earlier. In 11 years, many of them appear primary menstruation (menarche), often painful. Girl must be prepared for this expression of their normal physiology. Hygiene in the menstrual period, she should be known in advance. Any pain during menses krovovydeleniyah must be removed, by means dispose of it in appearance. Need to remove the spasm of the uterus and tubes. So girls in pain give belladonnovye drugs candles with belladonna, but-silos. Frequent painful periods can be a sign of serious illness and eventually lead to secondary infertility.