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Causes of this tendency for boys and girls in the most general case: worms, worms coming out of the anus and crawling on prianalnym folds child, cause itching and cause itch. It can become a habit, and then go to masturbation. Mechanical stimulation also arises from the rough seams on the shorts or the lack of attention to personal hygiene parents of the child, his or her rarely tempted, uric acid crystals corrode the delicate baby skin, which causes scratching. Next, the mechanism is the same. Sometimes kids just imitate each other, which often occurs in group education.
In very rare cases, masturbation – a manifestation of nervousness. Then you need to consult a doctor, a neurologist. In most cases, a child can be weaned from this just normal, common habits.
First the young boys masturbation. It is very dangerous to punish a child for addiction to masturbation. The fact that the basis of morality in children 3 – 6 years – fear. The child does not do certain things for fear of punishment. If the boy had caught him in “masturbation”, as it is called in Russia before, start yelling, beating him, the first reaction to the “educational measure” – fear. In the child’s mind it is linked to the sexual sphere. Subsequently, when the grown-up boy decides to love life, it can wait for an attack of secondary impotence. Yes, it is physically in good health, sexually mature, but the consciousness at some point fails, the intimate act becomes impossible. This is the fee for the mistakes of adults.
So how can it be? How to wean a child from masturbation? Watch for his personal hygiene, stay linen to wash at night, went to bed on his back, sitting side by side, yet not sleep, but do not sit in a strained position of the observer, and the child read a book, tell a story. At night to get up and turn the boy from stomach to back. It’s hard work, it may take two to three months, but has the effect.
In 11 – 13 years old, all boys go through masturbation. But this is a way out of the juvenile hypersexuality, physiologically reasonable necessity. In this case, the ratio of masturbation should be loyal. The best way to relieve sexual tension in the adolescent, as already mentioned, will be an evening exercise and a warm shower. Tell him these simple additions to tumultuous teenage life. Buy him a dumbbell, expander, if possible – rings for gymnastics.
As for the little girls, they are a tendency to masturbation can infect the genital tract. An infection will cause an inflammatory disease, which, in turn, can lead to secondary infertility. Why girls should wean from masturbation at an early age. It is important to find out what is the reaction of urine in girls. If acidic, then the washing of the water to add a bit of baking soda: a teaspoon per gallon of water. In all cases shown cleaning the broth with the addition of chamomile. Masturbation in childhood adversely affects the nervous system of the girl. You can give her the night 5-6 drops of valerian. Cases masturbation teenage girls are less common than in boys, and usually go away, remaining a mystery to parents.