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How does the wicked curve, leading the young man to such unpleasant phenomena such as sexual fiasco? Beginning her, in childhood. Children 3 years old – being curious, inquisitive and want to know about the world as possible. Interest to him, including sexual and private sphere. Or rather, its anatomical and physiological features. Why a girl sends its physiological functions such as the boy anyway? Why did the boy has parts that girls are missing? Here are the two main issues, with which the interest is determined by the baby to the sexual area.
A little later, in five years, a child asks his perennial question, “Where did I come from?” – And, as a rule, get an evasive answer. A pity. Children at this age are no disgust to your body, to the body of another person, in particular the mother, so the answer would be this: “You were a kid, sitting in my stomach in a special soft, warm bag, then began to rise, and When he grew big, and you came to be, you’re knocked from the inside promenade. I heard, and we went to a special hospital, where doctors and nurses have helped you to be born. Dad meanwhile was running to the shops and buy you clothes. After all, you were born into the world completely naked. ”
“What I got out of you?” – Usually asks the kid.
“You do not come out. After all, you are still not able to walk. You took out the doctor and nurse through that hole, through which I usually go in a little. Then you bathed, weighed, measured your height. Can you imagine, you were the highest among boys born in one day with you. ” (Option for the girl: “You can imagine, among other kids you stood your curls, you had the longest hairs, and when you bring on a special feed katalochke in the same envelope, I recognize you from a distance.”)
The last sentence in contact with the child on his arrival in this world has to distract the baby from a purely physiological questions. Truly, a man in five years is not only the fact that he, like everyone else, but the fact that from the beginning there was something known only from him or her. This difference should be positive, nice colored, for there is nothing more dangerous than a combination of two concepts – the fear and sex – in an age when a person is being formed. But such a combination is found in cases where the parents notice the child tendency to masturbation, he also called avtoerotizmom and masturbation.

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