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Snake – Dodge Viper

If the home has established trust atmosphere and a girl in a position without risk to themselves to share what had happened with the boyfriend, her mother, the first joint visit to the doctor should be applied, not my mother’s best friend, who will “give advice.” Time to lose. At the very early stages of an unplanned pregnancy can be terminated without any harm to health.
Later, there is a problem common medical abortion. It’s a risk. A big risk – abortion on millipara uterus fraught infertility. The uterus is lined with a mucous membrane, its upper layer is called detsedualnym. After the first abortion in nulliparous women, he is not always restored. And then the girl’s mother, unsuccessfully proeksperimentirovavshey in sexual relationships, risks never hear gentle treatment “grandmother.” Post-procedural treat infertility is very difficult. Sometimes it is possible to return the happiness of motherhood, but, alas, only a small percentage of patients.
Can be supervised by a doctor to bring a pregnancy to the fifth or sixth month, and cause premature birth. Procedure is psychologically and physiologically very difficult for a young pregnant woman: the birth canal are not prepared, the brain is extremely tense awareness of sin. After baby is viable, the mother feels fetal movements, and the ominous word “killer” in the subconscious let their roots.
Sometimes, by common agreement by long painful reflection, decide to keep the pregnancy and bring to a normal delivery time. Here there is a lot of social difficulties: relatives, neighbors, school, finally.
In the United States, where the problem of young pregnancy is as acute as ours, created a special school, which translate pregnant girl. There she learns to delivery. If someone you know is pregnant young daughter and they are very traumatized by this factor, their reassurance. Tell them that they are not alone in the world with his difficult problem that is not a mountain, it does not matter. Just life’s difficulties. Support them morally. And, you know, if the child is still born, he will love you very much: it is proved that the fetus feels well, who wants to see him as a man, and who is not. Any gynecologist in any clinic under glass pictures are little girls and boys, whom they rescued from the mother’s despair, from the dictates of grandmothers, from the power of a ruthless mob.
Now a few words about the frigidity. Aversion to coital forms of intimacy – a great misfortune for women. Frigid woman is not only the absence of the beloved disadvantaged, children. It is usually painful and is severe. Diseases of the pelvic organs, heart, blood vessels in frigid women more often than those who lead a normal sex life. And who wants her daughter was sick? Frigid woman is different temper, resentment, suspicion, and general hostility. And the root cause of all this is usually related to failure of the first intimate contact in youth.

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