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The phenomenal Camaro ZL1

Warning habits – the removal of nervousness. To help get rid of the habit, the child need to calmly talk and remind him that he should not do it at all. However, it happens that the habit is so deeply ingrained that getting rid of it requires the intervention of a doctor. There neuropsychological effects of corrective techniques used by professionals. There are medical methods. This is also the area of ​​the experts. Not involved in the treatment of the child without the advice of a doctor, as it were, on the face of any “innocent” drug, let his doctor prescribes. In addition to these habits in children may appear more similar in origin. Child bites his nails, picking your nose, scratching his head. All these habits in most cases can be verbal, verbal correction. If you are unable to wean the child – talk to your doctor, maybe the deeper causes.
Prevention of bad habits we have already spoken. Remember, in which section? Remember that it is recommended to prevent bad habits.

Questions and tasks:

1. What is a negative study?
2. How smoking affects the body?
3. Drunkenness and alcoholism – connect concepts.
4. What do you know about drugs?
5. The consequences of substance abuse are reversible or not?
6. Describe the children’s bad habits.
7. Suggest methods of preventing harmful habits in children and adults.

Chapter 19. Sexually transmitted diseases and their prevention. AIDS and its prevention. Prevention of sexual violence

Sexual life can be divided into three parts: part platonic, erotic component and koitalnye contacts. In the focus of the Platonic spiritual formation issues – words, views, letters, phone calls, etc. Erotic – it is dancing, hugging, kissing, fondling. Coitus with a Latin translation as copulation, and the couple chooses the form that they are most pleasant and interesting. It should be noted that the concept of the norm in human sexuality is very broad and, most importantly, deeply individual. Sex, as you know, was given to man, not only to extend the family, but also including for pleasure.