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Thunderous Dodge Viper!

Special place in the clearing is the psychological factor. This – the quotient manifold, it focuses all the others, and at the same time, it determines the integrity of the human behavior. Psychological factor – this correlation characteristics of both spouses, their characters, temperaments and sexual claims. In psychology, have long been known compatibility tests temperaments people doing work together. “Livable” spouses also depends on how they are the same temperament. So phlegmatic gets almost everyone except sanguine. More stamina in difficult situations phlegmatic spouse can cause irritation to the gradual accumulation of sanguine. Do not get on two sanguine, as the two begin to claim a leadership role, such a marriage breaks up, usually without much drama. Stormy temperament choleric two times simply prevents a family. Very hard formed personal relationships with melancholic melancholy and sanguine. With choleric he simply incompatible. The ideal partner for the temperament he is patient phlegmatic. Teachers who are familiar with the theory of compatibility of temperaments can continue this comparative series.
Tests for sexual autoidentification
Suggested tests for sexual autoidentification – to determine the degree of their own sexual and psychological maturity – are international and are recommended for both the group and for individual work with students aged 13-18. Working procedure can be as follows: the teacher asks the students to prepare a blank sheet of paper, be forewarned that the work does not need to sign it to scanning. The anonymity of the test – his first and. must. On a piece of written numbers only matter and the letter of the answer. One question you need to select only one response, which is fully consistent with the opinion of either the student or the closest in meaning to his concept of the subject or phenomenon. Given the intimate subjects, the teacher is better to stand while reading the questions and answers so that students did not feel his eyes on me.