Sweet Camaro SS 2012 <

Sweet Camaro SS 2012

Skull injury (concussion and brain contusion, skull fracture).
Accompanied by loss of consciousness, nausea, vomiting, severe headaches, dizziness. Often, regaining consciousness, the patient does not remember what happened to him.
FIRST AID TO mandatory medical examination – complete rest and chill down.
VERY IMPORTANT that even minor injuries skull did not pass unnoticed. Remember that the risk of internal bleeding injuries. Especially dangerous injuries temporal and occipital region of the skull, because in these places the brain is protected somewhat worse than in the parietal and frontal lobes. In a direct blow to the front of the skull in addition to a broken nose and cheekbone, which manifests itself at once, can be hidden fracture of the skull.
SIGNS fractured skull, some time after the injury, the eye appearance of dark circles – “symptom score”. This symptom is even more important that the patient does not present specific complaints.
First aid. Seek medical advice immediately.
Reflection algorithm classes.
Rewrite the questions of the algorithm from Classes 1. Spend reflection. In Lesson 2, you must first master the following dressing:
1. Vosmiobraznaya bandage on the ankle joint (see Fig. 7).
2. Bandage on the heel area (see Fig. 6).
3. Spiral bandage on the finger (see Fig. 6).
4. Cross bandage on the hand (see Fig. 6).
5. Spiral bandage on the elbow (see Fig. 6).
6. Scarf to keep your hands in the correct position when the injury of forearm and hand (see Fig. 6).
Often the injury prevents school attendance and teacher has to correct bandages during the school day.

Chapter 22. Exercise self-healing systems

Lesson 3 (2 hours)

Topic: “The system of self-improvement and self-improvement.”
Drugs for healthy people. Traditional and non-traditional methods of healing.
Purpose: To meet with the general concepts of systems improvement, work out on the possibility of their use as an example to learn some exercises from the Tao.
Material for self-study for classes. Every nation has its own methods of strengthening and maintaining health. Get to know them just anyone interested in the man. However, as we have agreed, we must ask ourselves the question: Do I fit this technique? Especially when it comes to healing techniques, not proven, even established professionals, and especially created by amateurs.

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