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The reason: the action of direct sunlight on the meninges, provided in the open air on a sunny day without a hat.
Symptoms include headache, dizziness, nausea, loss of consciousness.
First aid. Refer the victim to a cool place or in the shade, put on the head of the cold, let cool drink can give smell ammonia. If within half an hour the patient’s condition does not improve – see your doctor.


Reasons: accident in water transport, inattention adult children while swimming, water games.
Symptoms: lack of consciousness, breathing and heart rate, the presence of fluid in the airways.
First aid.
1. Check the airway – mouth may be mud, algae, etc.
2. Turn the victim upside down when an adult – to put on his stomach on his knee, and two to three times more intense squeeze the chest if the child – to lift the legs and shake, so you will free the airway from the water.
3. When you have seen in the airway, start resuscitation immediately: chest compressions and rescue breathing, as in all cases of cardiac and respiratory (drowning, lightning, electric shock, hypothermia, heart attack, etc.).

Technique resuscitation

The word “resuscitation” consists of two words: re – back, anime. – Life.
The victim lay on the ground or other hard surface on his back so that his head was slightly thrown back and his chin upward. Begin resuscitation with two sharp punches to the heart. Then unbutton or break constraining clothes.

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